Busy, Busy Seasons

I have a full schedule of markets March-October I am involved in as well as keeping the local store & website stocked so I have been very busy in the soap kitchen lately and will be all summer. There is currently 3 soaps on my curing racks that shall be ready by Mid April – Black Tea, Fruit Loops, Euphoria.

I also have some restocks hoping to get made this month – Rose, Cucumber & Green Tea, Gardenia, Jasmine.

A  few New Limited Soaps are available while supplies last- Hunter’s Soap(scent masking), Coffee & Cocoa, Black Cherry, Black Raspberry Vanilla.

Shipping has been Lowered to a flat rate of $8. Shipping for $150 and over is FREE!

*If you have purchased anything from me please leave a review on the items you have used! It helps others and me to hear your opinion of the scents/products you have bought! You might just find something in your mail soon after 🙂

**DUE TO HOW MANY MARKETS I AM ATTENDING THIS SPRING & SUMMER, I CANNOT GUARANTEE THE AMOUNT OF ANY SOAP SCENT AVAILABLE DUE TO HIGH DEMAND AND CURING TIMES.  I do try to keep a stock of 5 or higher at all times of each soap but cannot know what people will be buying. I will be updating this website each week thru the Fall.


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