“Naked” Soaps

I’ve been making some smaller sized batches of scents I don’t carry on a regular basis. Therefore they are limited to stock on hand and will not be remade once they are all sold out. The Soaps will be shipped “naked” meaning they will not be labeled. They will only be bagged with the name of scent on it. Ingredients can be found on each scents individual listing. The naked soaps are cheaper due to no labels!

Naked Scents are the Lush dupe “The Comforter”, Nag Champa, Abercrombie dupe “Fierce”, Amber & Cracked Pepper, Baja Cactus Blossom, Juicy Peach. Info on the scent notes are found on the listings.

Flat rate ship of $8 up to $100 purchase still applies but any overages are refunded when orders ship.

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