New scent added and candles too

I have just introduced a fantastic new scent to my stock for soap, lotion, and my new soy candle line.

Introducing Fresh Bamboo inspired by the Slatkin scent of same name. It is a wonderful spa scent I made as candles first to test it and fell in love with so I just had to soap it!! I will be keeping it as a regular soap scent and you can also request it for a lotion.

I have recently added All natural EcoSoy candles to my inventory! Soy has a wonderful long lasting smooth burn and the natural wicks I have found work great with it. I use superior quality scents for excellent hot throw.  My candles average 14 oz. in jar and I will discount if bought in groups of two for each scent requested.

I hope you will give my two new additions a try soon!!

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