New Soaps Available

Made a new kind of soap in January to test out a new recipe that included EGGS!  You read that right. Eggs are know to have skin benefits and I have free range chickens with plenty of eggs to give this a try. The Soap has finished its curing and has quite the lovely feel on your skin plus a fantastic scent that you almost want to take a bite of.

It is Coffee & Cocoa Soap!! I used brewed Espresso as my liquid portion and plenty of cocoa. Put a couple of espresso beans on top for looks but please don’t eat them as they would most likely have a hint of soap flavor. The soap smells absolutely like Cocoa and Coffee.  In addition to the eggs this soap contains some wonderful ingredients like Babassu oil, cocoa butter, sunflower, coconut, olive, castor oil, glycerin, silk. It is a limited release so grab a bar or two if it sounds good to you!

Second New Soap that has been made is Black Cherry Soap. I have had the scent in candles made for a couple of months but the soap was not available previously for soap. It has been made but is not quite fully cured yet so I will be making it available March 1st to make sure its firm enough. A older firmer soap lasts longer than one that is recently curing.  The Black Cherry scent came out quite strong and smells fantastic! It was made with Coconut, sunflower, palm, castor oils, silk, jojoba beads.

Stay Tuned for the March releases: Black Tea (smells like a chia tea to me, slightly spicy, completely unisex scent). It smells great in the candle so I’m hoping the soap comes out as good.  Black tea has been made and is currently curing!

Black Raspberry Vanilla (last made in 2015). Very similar to bath and body works scent.

Fruit Loops (very fruity, smells just like the cereal). Kids loved this one when I made small tester batch.

April releases: Rose, Jasmine, Euphoria (All restocks).

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