Shaving Soap


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A shaving soap should be abundant in lather,lubricating, protective, long lasting, fragrant.. This soap has been formulated to give those qualities in bar that is better than the Junk in a can!

Made with 30% Coconut for rich bubbly lather,  30% Palm for a stable, creamy hard bar,  10% Castor for lather and creaminess, 15%  Sunflower for conditioning and lather,  10%  Olive for conditioning,  5% Cocoa butter for conditioning. Also contains Bentonite clay to help purify skin.  It is lightly scented in Saffron & Cedar oils with additional notes of leather, vetiver, musk, violet, geranium.

Whether you put it in a bowl and whip it with a little water & brush or lather it up in your hands, you will get a better for your skin shave each time.


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