The BeMore Soap Co. items are created by one little woman who wanted her family’s bath and body care to be more… more moisture, more natural, more than soap.

It began by her children having some kind of skin reaction to just about every kind of soap, lotion, shampoo, sunscreen, laundry detergent, etc.  Whether it was natural or not didn’t seem to make much difference either.

After much research a line of natural based items have came to production. Continual testing on the family had shown improvements were being seen. As time has went on skin issues are gone.

Our family continues to only use my line of products in our daily routine. And we are the first tester of every product made.

Cold process soap is my favorite thing to make and if you have never tried one of my superfatted bars your skin is missing out. With most of my bars you will find you can skip the lotion. Unless you don’t want too, then give my lotion a try!

.The Ocean sea salt bars are a great cleansing bar to scrub the toxins away, like spending a day in the sea.

For the babies we recommend the Goats milk soap or Oatmeal honey soap. Even though most of my soaps have done wonders for even the most sensitive skin!

Best Sellers by the ladies choices are Cherry blossom, Black raspberry vanilla, Lavender, Rose, Magnolia.

Neutral favorites are Coffee(exfoliating), Eucalyptus Mint, Ocean, Oatmeal & honey, Patchouli honey,  Sandalwood.

And let’s not forget the Men’s favorites are RadioActive, Caramel Tobacco Rum, Sandalwood.

Good choices for breakouts are the Charcoal or Fabulous face soaps.

I make Limited soap scents on occasion like Get Lucky(mens), Mango, Juicy Couture, Hunters blend, Salt & Pepper, Axe, Gardenia,

I also make Lip balms colors and tints, sugar scrub, coffee scrub, Pain Freeze(biofreezestyle), Lotion, Face & body butter, Face oil,  a 2in1 Shamp/Cond, Beard oil, Sunscreen, Candles, Bath Bombs. Whatever you decide to try it is all worth it to your body, skin health.

– Monique