Welcome to the BeMore Soap Co.

Chellesations is now BeMore Soap Co.
I specialize in Cold Process Handcrafted soap made one batch at a time. Cold process natural soap is made by combining a Alkali and Fat(s) or Oil(s). A wonderful result of the soap making process is the natural glycerin made from this combination. Glycerin is an excellent moisturizer and humectant that draws moisture to the skin. My soaps are also superfatted between 6-15% (with the first being deep cleansing, and man soaps with less moisture and the latter being the most gentle and moisturizing). CP soap dates back as early as 2200 BC!!
I create my CP soaps in a variety of EO and FO blends. I carry a unscented Goat’s milk soap and a Shampoo bar for all hair types that doubles as a mild, gentle baby bar(Just be careful around eyes as all soap contains sodium therefore is not tear free). My Spa salt bar soaps are great cleansers that have a large amount of pure sea salt to detoxify and purify the skin for a deep clean just like spending the day in the sea.
Most of my soaps are carried year round but there are a few seasonal and on occasion a Limited Edition(one Batch) soap.
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Monique Rosenbaum