Custom Stenciled Book Edges


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Love Books! Me too!  Pretty Books are even better on your bookshelf displayed!!


Send me your book and I’ll spray and Stencil the edges by hand. This can be done one of two ways:


Option 1

Order a book online (typically done via Amazon) and ship it to me – you are responsible for the cost of the book if it’s not free prime ship. This is the easiest way because if the book arrives damaged Amazon will easily handle the replacement.  Tell me what color you’d like your edges, and what design you want stenciled on in the checkout note and you’re set!  If you have a favorite or want it to match a dust jacket color or theme. I hand make each stencil so the exact design will be custom to you.


Option 2

Send me a book from your library that you already own! You will pay to ship the book to me, (use media mail) but please remember anything can happen during shipping and spraying. If the book is rare or sentimental in any way, it will be irreplaceable.


Both options include return shipping for US residences. Once you buy this listing, I will contact you with my shipping address. Choose local pickup in checkout since return ship is included.


Multiple books? Great! Each additional service in one order is an additional $15. If choosing this option text me at 515-865-5266 and I will send you a custom invoice for all your books to be painted.


Please note, that I custom mix my own colors  so each order is unique (no one else’s purple would be exact as your purple).  I use a hint of metallic in my colors most times as it picks up the light better and looks more luxurious when displayed. It also helps keep the paper fibers intact on some older books or Damaged books better so you are less likely to see a little bit of cottony look verses if I used a flat color.  Minor bleeding is always a possibility, generally on a end page edging, but I wrap the books well to minimize the potential before spraying.


Finished product will be shipped media mail back to you, which can take anywhere from 2-8 days or longer (depending on the USPS). It includes tracking so we can keep an eye on it.


While I prefer Hardcovers to work on, I will do paperback but the chance of damage is  higher because it’s much easier to bend and crease edgings and get over spray with paperback.


And Lastly My home is 100% smoke free.


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