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Early summer sale going on Now! As marked in stock only, No backorders. Items include some soaps, all colored lip products, mango bath bombs, more. Get them before there gone.

Major Soap Restock and Goodbye’s

Been super busy soaping to restock the favorites for spring and summer. Most are done and all restocks made this month will be ready to ship mid-April.
A few items I am pulling and will now longer be made- Shampoo & Body Wash, Conditioner. Body Butter has also been pulled but is available by special request with an order.(only available from October thru March).

I made FIRE

Seriously I made FIRE sea salt soap. Looks pretty cool, right?
I think so. It is a limited Edition soap (as in once the stock of it is gone, then it’s gone!). It took me 5 color blends and 3 scents to make this one. It smells primarily of cedar wood(think cedar chest), with a touch of vanilla and spruce. I love its smell and the colors came out pretty cool too. Give one a try before its gone!

Oatmeal Honey

I made a new batch of the mild and wonderful for everyone soap today- Oatmeal Honey!!
I have to say it is one of my personal faves. The scent of honey is everywhere in my house right now and the smell alone makes me want to hoard all the finished soap bars for myself. Plus with natural oatmeal thrown in it is truly a perfect soap for all skin. I guess everyone thinks it is just as wonderful as I do, since I cannot seem to keep enough in stock.
If you have not tried this soap, it is one you should consider picking up!


I am so happy that bemoresoap.com is now opened. It is not totally perfect and still needs some minor work here and there but we are up and running. Most of the site was designed not by me but a smart family member who is way more technically advanced than I am. I JUST MAKE THE SOAP AND GOODS HERE. I did help a teeny bit with some of it but cannot take credit for most of the work. I hope you all can easily find what you want from the site and if you have any questions, ask me.